Große Auswahl an Spezial-Schlägeln für jedes musikalische Einsatzgebiet.

Gong Mallet (Small)
These yarn-wrapped mallets produce a full sound and desired articulation at all dynamic levels.
Striker Set w/Bag
1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" with bag
Stainless Steel Triangle Striker
61128 - 1/8"
61129 - 3/16"
61130 - 1/4"
Mezzoforte Crotales Mallets
7/8" Ball w/ Black Birch Handles
Cymbal/Crotale Bow Rosin
Cymbal/Crotale Bow Rosin
Cymbal/Crotale Bow
Cymbal or Crotale bow
General Suspended Cymbal Mallets with Rattan Handles
Soft wooven head for mellow sounds and smooth crescendos without audible strokes. With rattan handles.
Hard Suspended Cymbal Mallets with Rattan Handles
Smaller, harder wooven head for accents and rapid-note passages. With rattan handles.
Mazo para Gong (Grande)
Estos mazos envueltos en estambre producen un sonido lleno y una articulación deseada en todos los niveles dinámicos.
Rigid Striker Set Bag
Rigid Striker Set Bag
Fortissimo Crotale Mallets
Fortissimo Crotale Mallets (1" Ball w/Black Birch Handles)


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