Vinnie Paul

COUNTRY United States      


The kingpin of speed metal drumming, Vinnie Paul unleashed his high-velocity playing with mega-metal archetypes Pantera, before shifting his powerful presence to Damageplan, another band with a mean streak of metal that would shake stages around the world. It's no secret that this Texan with the big personality is driven by music, to the point of having his own club and record label. And while his exploits with 'heavy metal country' project Rebel Meets Rebel stirred up a lot of interest, it's HELLYEAH, his kickin' band with members of Mudvayne that really sees Vinnie back in the driver's seat, cranking up the volume with a band that has a big, big future. A big fan of vintage cymbal sounds, Vinnie plays bright sounding AA and darker-toned Hand Hammered series models. The music I play is very demanding, says Vinnie, but my SABIANs cut through with the ultimate clarity. I especially dig my Hand Hammered Power Bell Ride 'cause the bell is huge and so is the sound.

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