Pat Steward

COUNTRY Canada      


Pat Steward burst out of clubland obscurity when he recorded the hit Summer of '69 with Bryan Adams and toured the rocker's Reckless album around the world and back again to his Vancouver home. It was a wild time for the quiet, unassuming drummer whose influence range from Zeppelin, Rush, Deep Purple and the Police to jazz greats including Tony Williams. Since those times with Adams, Pat has made his mark with the musically hip and sonically astute pop-rockers The Odds, kicked out barnstorming blues and rock with Aussie singer Jimmy Barnes, and he's shuffled his way from coast to coast across Canada with blues/swing guitarist extraordinare, Colin James. In short, Pat - who loves playing everything from jazz and reggae to pop and rock - has paid his dues, albeit in the comfortable company of some of the best in the business.

Today he's putting the groove into the critically acclaimed songs of Matthew Good,, a chart-topping Canadian favorite. And when times are quiet he helps out a local secondary school by teaching drumming to the kids. So down-to-earth and unassuming is Pat that over twenty years after he received it, he has yet to find a place on his wall for his diamond award (1,000,000 sales in Canada) of the Reckless album. See, unassuming. But what a fine drummer.