Mike Dupke

GROUP W.A.S.P.      


Mike Dupke is a Michigan-born drummer who began playing at age 13. After "basically living in the band room" through high school, Dupke enrolled in the Indiana University School of Music, where he began studying with Kenny Aronoff. At only 19 years old, Mike performed with John Mellencamp's band, playing perucssion alongside Kenny. He performed on the MTV Human Wheels special, the Arsenio Hall show, and the "When Jesus Left Birmingham" video. Dupke also played drumkit for a track on Mellencamp's "Dance Naked" disc.

After college, Mike relocated to Nashville where he met Cinderella drummer Fred Coury. It was Coury who ended up pairing Dupke with L.A.-based rock band Hair Of The Dog. HOTD got signed to Spitfire Records and recorded two more discs, 2000's "Rise" and 2001's "Ignite", After that group disbanded, Mike began backing slide-blues powerhouse Eric Sardinas, and got his first taste of international touring.

In 2006, Dupke joined heavy metal legends W.A.S.P., with mainman Blackie Lawless calling Dupke the only drummer he "ever hired on the spot." Mike has recorded two discs with the band, 2007's "Dominator" and 2009's "Babylon". Since joining W.A.S.P., he has performed in nearly 30 countries around the globe. When not on tour, Mike resides in the Los Angeles area, doing sessions and teaching students.

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