Chad Smith

COUNTRY United States      


His funky, deep down grooves drive the Red Hot Chili Peppers with incessant muscle, and a spacious sense of taste. Chad Smith is a powerful player whose diverse influences, from the jazz of Buddy Rich to the big bonzo beats of John Bonham, and the zany go-for-it attack of Keith Moon enhance his playing with a strong sense of swing, great pop/rock sense, and an intuitive instinct to nail the groove deep within the pocket but keep it fun. Chad joined the Peppers in time for "Mothers Milk" and from that point on the big guy behind the drums has pumped up the rhythm section's power with rock-steady grooves, hard-hitting syncopation and a whole lot of personality on such highlights as "Give It Away", "Higher Ground", "Under the Bridge" and the universal hit album, "Californication". He's a popular clinician, and his clinic tour with Steve White was the biggest drum event ever in the UK ever. The Chili Peppers are also a video favorite, and winning the MTV Video Vanguard Award further highlighted the popularity and influence of this great drummer and his band.

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