Brooks Robinson



Brooks Robinson was raised in Del Rio, TX and saw his first rock concert at the age of 8. It was not long before this son of a drummer began hopping on his father's drum kit and emulating the sounds he heard in his dad's record collection.

Brooks was indoctrinated into formal percussion training via his school's band program. Soon, the formal confines of school band were not able to monopolize Brooks' drumming talents and he began to branch out into various garage bands.

Upon graduation, Brooks hit the road with a gospel group for an international tour. Playing music across the globe at just age 18 gave Brooks the verve and tenacity to make music his life's vocation. After stints in other local bands, Brooks set out for Austin, TX and soon latched on with several regional artists including the legendary Gary P. Nunn and a talented Texas upstart, Peter Dawson. Over the next few years, Brooks would log hundreds of tour dates across the country in these various country outfits.

In 2005, Brooks joined Wade Bowen's band and his balance of power and finesse has helped lay a groove that has catapulted the band onto the national radar. Brooks incorporates the stylings of other drummers into a potent mixture all his own. He has managed to combine the showmanship and flamboyance of Tommy Lee, the technical fluency of Eddie Bayer's and the groove of Steve Jordan into a style unique to himself.

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