An all new metal blend created and optimized for a tight sound. PHOSPHOR BRONZE: • Secret bronze formula developed specifically for snare applications • An especially tight wind delivers additional snare-to-drum head contact • Both the metal and the wind are designed to maximize attack Ideal for deep and/or wood snares where the added attack delivered with this blend can augment the natural performance of more open, less focused drum shells.

SABIAN Blend Phosphor Bronze 42 Snare Wire

The ultra-wide version of the SABIAN Blend Hybrid snares provide a big fat tone that is easy to dial in. The Phosphor Bronze is a snare wire specific formula and each is extra tightly wound to maximize snare to snare head contact and deliver a crisp and tight tone.

SABIAN Blend Phosphor Bronze 20 Snare Wire

The right blend of metals can be the secret to great sound. SABIAN was built on that and now SABIAN offers you their own special metal blends tweaked for great snare drum sound. These snares have been created with a special tight wind to deliver a crisp and tight tone perfect in combination with the special B8 Phosphor Bronze blend. This phosphor bronze formula has been created especially for use in snare wire. This is the perfect snare selection if you prefer a crisp and tight attack from your snare drum. .


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